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Doula to the endless expanse of


Bringing meaningful care to your most vulnerable moments, my steadiness helps you feel at ease with the unpredictable, nuanced unfolding of birth.

Hello there, I'm Claire

Witnessing and supporting you.

I bring a grounding, safe, and unwavering presence of support whilst creating a container for you to fully surrender to your birth experience.

My unique perspective and embodied experiences have brought me here as a Birthworker and my why is simple;

I am here to serve women and bring reverence back to birth in this lifetime.

I want to honor birth for what it is: a powerful transition into motherhood.

You can ground yourself in my staunch and supportive energy, enabling a safe space to be created physically, mentally and emotionally.

This is where my heart lies. This is why I am a Doula


You deserve a deeply nurturing support team that is in full alignment of your dreams and wishes.


Allow me to become the guide to bring about curiosity and perspective so you feel sovereign over your body and choices.


I desire to help you connect with how you feel, envision what you want, and support you to reclaim ancient wisdom.

doula work is ancient work

Protecting and navigating your sanctuary.

Integrity is essential to this ancient knowledge, and I need to wholeheartedly and deeply experience life itself before I feel I can share my wisdom and my journey of motherhood over the past 15 years has certainly given me that.

I strive to inspire women who desire more from motherhood, and who want to do things their way on their terms. I truly believe that strong capable mothers are what the world needs right now and it’s what our babies are asking of us – it is for future generations.

Something has been lost along the way, and it’s time to start remembering who we are.  

My intuition and inner knowing come to the forefront in the birth space, and my superpower lies in my ability to keep the room’s energy exactly as the mother/baby wants. I make women feel capable and calm in the birth space, allowing them to sink in deeply and let their birth unfold as intended.

Holding space for women with awe, warmth, steadyness and affection all while guiding them through the messyness of it all.

Intuitively working with you and your partner, I quietly and calmly navigate and protect your sanctuary, witnessing and ensuring you surrender and stay in the birth zone, while supporting your partner to relax into birth too.

Support Packages

I thrive when I can act as your solid support through your full birth journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. This allows us to explore the depths of this relationship so that we can peel back layers and become more open and vulnerable, in ways that can’t be achieved through just a few catchups.

Building familiarity and solidarity together creates a respect and bond that allows you to open up and feel safe, and feeling safe creates the perfect nest for birth. Bearing witness to your evolution creates a depth of bonding that is difficult to put into words, and we will forever be connected by the experience. 

Lets meet up in person or over the phone to ensure our energies align. 


Port Maquarie Doula

port macquarie doula
how we work together

Investment Inclusions

Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Support

Voxer, phone, and text support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.

Six in-person Birth & Postpartum Preparation sessions 

1 x Lomi Lomi Massage during pregnancy (after 36 weeks) 

On call from 37 weeks Attendance & Support at your Labour & Birth 

Tens machine Hire 

Birth Sling Hire 

A library of resources to read through if desired 

3 in person Postpartum Support visits – to be used within 8-10 weeks. 

Hearty & nourishing meals and snacks on every postpartum visit 

Energetic closing Ceremony, with Traditional Moxibustion 

Hand-picked Mumma gifts and treats throughout our time together


Postpartum Support

Voxer, phone and text support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.

Two in person prenatal planning and preparation visits 

Six soul-nourishing postpartum visits – to be used within 8-10 weeks. Tailored to suit your needs and desires on the day: bodywork, light house duties, debriefing, encouragement surrounding baby care, breastfeeding support, sibling support, holding baby whilst you sleep or taking a hot shower.

Hearty & nourishing meals and snacks for you and the family on every visit 

One Lomi Lomi massage or One Healing Womb Hara Massage 

Energetic closing Ceremony, with Traditional Moxibustion 

Nourishing Yoni steams 

Hand-picked Mumma gifts and treats throughout our time together


The Petite Birth & Postpartum Support

*Can only be booked from 32 weeks. Subject to availability*

Voxer, phone, and text support throughout your pregnancy and early postpartum

Two in-person Birth & Postpartum Preparation sessions

1 x Lomi Lomi Massage during pregnancy (after 36 weeks)

On call from 37 weeks

Attendance & Support at your Labour & Birth

2 in person Postpartum Support visits * including an Energetic closing Ceremony, with Traditional Moxibustion

Hearty & nourishing meals and snacks on every postpartum visit.


Additional Offerings

Womb Hara Massage

Massage of the abdominal, sacral and womb area, helping to increase the flow of chi, one’s vital life for energy.  It supports the clearing of blockages, and stagnant energy held within the tissues of the body while restoring balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. 

2 hours $200

Birth Photography

Beautifully documenting the raw beauty of life while helping you piece your story back together, providing you with an emotional roadmap to retrace the steps of your journey.


Lomi Lomi Massage

This ancient Hawaiian massages looks at the physical, mental, emotionsla and spiritual aspect of the self, making way for clarity, awareness, lightness, love, and freedom. It works by opening up the heart using hands, breathing, rhythm, and energy flow.

1.5 hours $150

Port Maquarie Doula


Lessons of motherhood.

I wish I knew then, what I know now. I wish I knew that birth was mine to hold, that motherhood would dismantle my existence, that it would crack me open, swallow me then spit me out raw and vulnerable.

I wish I had known how to piece myself back together again. But most of all, I wish I hadn’t fallen into a deep dark hole of shame, guilt, expectations, and total disassociation.

With a total upheaval of our lives as a family of four and an interstate move, I realised I needed to find out who I was beyond the “shoulds” and the deep conditioning that had ahold of me and my body. I needed to drop away the guilt and shame and I had to take full responsibility and accountability for the past. I needed to be ok with the expansion and multidimensional woman that I was growing into. I needed to lean into my staunchness and figure out what that meant for me as the baby matriarch of my family. I needed to soften all the hard edges.

It took over 4 years to finally feel deserving enough to consciously call in another baby. I felt I was now the woman that this baby needed me to be.  I was strong and powerful and I trusted that if I fell back into that deep dark hole, I would find my way out.

From that very moment of choosing, the unraveling began. I knew I would not be playing into the games of society and its constructs, everything was a choice from a heart-led place. I chose my path and understood how I wanted to step in and out of it, knowing what felt safe to me and my baby, and understood each risk with full accountability – I was the expert in making decisions. Everything was different from my previous two experiences because everything had changed, I was so connected to myself and trusted in my body and my baby. I knew them both deeply and intimately.

There was a sense of knowing that there was just one piece of the puzzle missing that I needed to call in, but I had no words for it,  and soon I connected with a woman in my area who was that missing piece – my Doula. Her unwavering support allowed me to fully embody my own power within and sink into my birth completely. She allowed me the deep space to unravel my last births, talk deeply about my desires and fears, and trusted me to follow my heart.

The birth of my third baby girl was a totally untouched, undisturbed powerful birth within the hospital. It activated me in ways I still can’t put into words. It repaired the relationship with my second child, mended that with my first born, and renewed my love for my husband.

Letting my baby tell the story and fully surrendering to the magic of birth, changed me. It brought forward an unknown strength and showed me how powerful I was, how deserving I was. It was the full-circle experience waiting for me to live out.

I understand deeply that birth is so much more than the birth of a baby, it is the birth of you.

Have a Look at Our

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have experience with VBACS?

I myself am a 2 x VBAC mother. I hold a very special place in my heart for all those on this path. I understand the nuances and courage it takes for you to experience the birth you desire. It is so possible and I love nothing more than empowering others along this journey.


How can I gently get my partner on board with having a doula?

Doulas are 100% for mothers as well as partners! I work very closely with them to ensure they feel at ease to sink into the anchor role of intuitive genuine love and space holding. Your partner will love the support and the grounded presence of someone familiar, allowing them to have an empowered experience also.

Do you offer birth only doula services?

No. I prefer working closely together through the entire process and understand the benefits of creating a relationship with you before being invited into your sacred birth space.


Do you offer a payment plan?

Absolutely. I understand that this is a big investment and not one to take lightly. You will never regret investing in yourself! You can pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or whatever suits you best, I require the payment to be complete by the time you are 36 weeks.


What types of births do you attend?

Hospital births, home births, freebirths, I will support you wherever you feel most comfortable.


When are you on call from?

I am available from 37 weeks.

“Feeling supported, respected, and knowledgeable throughout birth brings empowerment, and when women feel empowered we can dismantle systems that have been holding us captive within society’s expectations.”